Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

Passive income turns the balance of work and freetime upside down

Is it possible to have money and freetime at the same time?

”You either have money or a life”

Unfortunately in today’s world, at least as I experience here in Hungary, there are two types of jobs (click the link to see pros and cons of jobs and enterprises):

Work and chill: moments from my life as a 'Backstage Boy' at Sziget Festival.
Hard work vs. relaxation: moments from my life as a ‘Backstage Boy’ at Sziget Festival.


1.: Little money, more freetime

One where a person does not earn much but has more freetime. I would say that to a certain point the quality of freetime depends on how much money a person has. It does not matter that much, though, when someone is honestly satisfied with life and does not suppress desires that would actually require a change in their life and more money.

2.: More money, little freetime

The other type of job is where a person earns a fare amount of cash, but works his ass off, gets home too late and tired to engage in some meaningful freetime activity, which pretty much means the joy of life.

The Golden Midway would be a balance between work and freetime, which is very rare, I think.

My DXN coffee business is the Road to Crown Ambassador: time and money freedom at its fullest.
Crown Ambassadors enjoy a life of time and money freedom.

Passive income turns work/freetime balance upside down

The Road to Crown Ambassador

There is a path in life which I decided to follow. A path that turns the balance of work and freetime upside down, all around. I set foot on this road 14 November, 2013, when I joined DXN. This is the Road to Crown Ambassador. This resembles some kind of royal title, and in a way it is indeed one. Crown Ambassador (CA) is the highest rank a person can reach in DXN Ganoderma MLM business. I know that from the moment you saw those 3 letters meaning Multi-level Marketing, this blog became a piece of …. in a second. There is so much gossip going on about this profession that is hated by most people, that I can understand scepticism. Click the link in the line above if you have doubts, and then let’s get back to my main line of thoughts:

The road that is at first rugged then later smooth

I try to avoid platitudes as much as I can, but ”every beginning is hard” is really true here. As you probably know by now, the activity I am conducting with DXN mushroom coffee is a business.

Even though the company itself looks back to 25 years of great achievements, in case of every distributor, just like me, it is like starting at the beginning. This is because I do not build the business of DXN company, I do not work for my sponsor and my uplines, I am not an employee of dr. Lim. I build my own business, my own network, and of course I get all the help I need from the people I mentioned before.

This means that I am an entrepreneur, starting small like anyone else. (I know being an entreperneur does not sound so good because of paying taxes, but do not worry about it in the beginning, and later on it is all good too).

Why is the Road to Crown Ambassador rugged at first?

Sure you know this too, that when someone open a new shop, there are only a few customers at first, but if they are satisfied with the products, the company and the management, more and more people will come. Needless to say that a new business, an enterprise, a shop pays less in the beginning and profits start rising only after a while. This requires regular, consistent, patient work and sacrificing some of my freetime, but – and really pay attention now – no investment! This is one of the reasons why DXN is such a great choice for me.

When does the CA road become smooth?

When, let’s say, a supermarket has been operating for a longer time and has a regular base of returning and new customers, it means that the supermarket has a regular (and growing) income that the manager and the employees can depend on. This way everyone has a secure job.

This is true to DXN mushroom coffee business as well, but with an additional advantage: passive income.

The people in my network who are satisfied with the products constantly bring new customers, many times without any intention to build business. They tell others about the coffee they drink and the benefits they feel, and those who become interested, try DXN products too.

A smaller percentage of people, who are also interested in earning money with drinking coffee also bring in new people, who want to achieve time and money freedom, or just want some additional income. DXN can fulfill all of these goals.

Passive income is like an early, increasing pention

The best thing is that, while in a job I need to work and physically be at my workplace to get my salary, in Network Marketing business it is not necessary when a network of customers is well built up.

Less work, more income, more freetime

The income from DXN business becomes like an early pention in a way: I do not have to work for it, because I worked a lot in the beginning. The big difference is that while in a job, to reach the age of retirement I would have to work more than 40 years, in DXN this time is much shorter. Pention is also a fixed amount, while DXN passive income is growing exponentionally.

There is life before Crown Ambassador as well

By this I mean there is passive income before CA leve las well. From about DXN Star Diamond level, in case of a real, working network with stabile and growing monthly turnover life becomes peachy. This is usually the point when a DXN networker can quit his main job, because his income from DXN biz is higher than his salary.

So if someone is looking for time- and money-freedom, Crown Ambassador is the highest level, but from about Star Diamond level we can talk about real, exponentionally growing passive income in DXN MLM business.

Being CA does not mean not being able to go higher

In case of CA level there is no limit either. The company pays for everything above the qualification criteria for Crown Ambassador. which is having 20 direct Star Diamonds. DXN pays for the 21st, 22nd and so on as well. Maybe a new rank will be invented in the future, like Double Crown Ambassador, but it is just my personal thought. Ranks, pins on suits do not matter. They can be worn of course, but these just indicate a certain level. The real thing that matters is that DXN makes it possible for me to achieve my goal of becoming a completely free man who is fully in control of his life.

Simple, like coffee

”I am in this business because the coffee is good, and I can earn money with drinking it”

This is it. To put it short, I found a product I would also consume it there was no business opportunity involved. It helps me to reach my goals: to live a free, balanced life with my dogs.

Isn’t all this just too good to be true?

In today’s world I think it is not easy to believe and trust anything with all the scams around us. Can it be that all this passice income-stuff is just fiction? 

Well, there are real people who achieved it, but and I trust them that they do not lie. But let’s just set this aside for a moment and examine a part of reality that my job means:

It is very-very true that I will have to work until I reach the age of 65 to be a pensioner. This means 24 more years (this is the part when you find out that I am lying when I tell you that I am 18, LOL!) of work for money which is too much to starve but it is too little to build a future from.

So it is up to me to accept the sad reality what my job means or actually do something that can turn my life upside-down, in a good way. 😉