Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

DXN bonus system


How to make money with DXN wondermushroom-coffee business?

The most important information about DXN commission system


Let’s talk about MLM business that everyone hates and MLM income.

In a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business, you can make good money after reaching a certain level. Even so much money, which mortals like me all consider scam, because we were not raised in such an environment. All the people in our families worked in jobs just to make ends meet.

Therefore, I think it makes no sense to calculate how much you earn when some of your regular customers sometimes order one or two packeges of Ganoderma coffee.

I whisper it to your ears: this is an almost insignificant amount, not worth talking about.


Don’t sell DXN products!

I know this sounds very strange now, because the bonus comes from product sales and people have to buy to do that. I will explain this a little more.

In MLM business, money initially comes from direct sales, the margin. I buy it at wholesale price and sell it at consumer price. But don’t do it for your own sake! Because if you don’t build a network, you end up with the same thing as doing any other broker job: you have to sell in order to make money. I think most people join this form of business to earn passive income to become financially independent. Plus, most of them don’t want to sell either! Therefore, do not sell the products! You need to “sell” the opportunity of becoming a customer or a business builder.

I suggest: offer the discount and not the product; even if someone does not want to build a network (just now, but maybe later he will), they only need the product for their own consumption.

Of course, some loyal regulars cutomers are fine

Of course, it’s okay to have a few customers – I have some of them too – who don’t want to get free membership, but for passive income, it is optimal that the product orders of my network outweigh personal sales. To put it in a funny way: if someone wants to buy a box of DXN coffee from me every month and doesn’t want to register to DXN, of course I’m not gonna say no! 🙂


Duplication as the most important thing in Network Marketing


So a few sales are okay, but be careful that this is not the goal! Why?

Because in MLM, the most important thing is duplication. If I sell a products uneasily, crampily, pushing, always in a hurry, people will copy this, or rather not, because no one wants to join a crampy business that is done with discomfort, especially not one who basically hates to sell anything.

If you offer the regular customer option (and not the product!) loosely and calmly, you will be sympathetic. People will like this business approach and want to do it themselves, because they see that you are feeling good in DXN business.


Obligations and expectations in the DXN payment system…


Again, I have great news: there are none!

One of the most important points for me, unlike in most MLM systems I know, is that DXN has no obligations or expectations, only options!

But I have fallen so much in love with the delicious healthy mushroom coffee and the free professional websites that, for the sake of completeness, I would have ventured into DXN MLM business even if it hadn’t been this way. DXN Ganoderma coffee, as a healthy, alkalizing, antihypertensive coffee in itself, is a guarantee of success if I work hard.


What’s wrong with obligations in MLM?

But let’s look at the obligations that discourage most network builders, even though the successful ones say there is no successful business without them. I would argue a lot with the latter view. It may be possible to force someone to perform good for a while, but in the long run, only those with their own internal motivation will survive and stay in business.

It is very difficult (or impossible) to create one’s own internal motivation permanently with external influences. There are professionals, motivational trainers who can help you achieve spectacular results temporarily, but this is not enough for real success.

To put it simply: motivation diminishes over time, like showering. If it is not regular then it is worth nothing. That’s why it has to come from within. To succeed, you need your faith and perseverance that comes from your sincere conviction, not an obstacle course filled with obligations and performance-pressure.

Almost without exception, everyone – including myself – starts networking beside working in a job. I think everyone is made to suffer more than enough at their workplace, why should you even suffer in your free time Network Marketing (MLM) business?

We have free, ready-to-use material. No need to know DXN products inforamtion by heart.


Anyone can build a business at DXN

In DXN payout system, we do not distinguish between regular customer and distributor levels. So, if you become a regular customer, you can build a business too, if you want, but it is only an option.

If you want to earn a commission on your own purchases, you ’must’ buy DXN products worth 100 points in a given month. *

Each DXN product has a point value (PV). I would like to emphasize that a monthly purchase of 100 points is only essential if you want to receive an additional refund for your own purchase during that month. If someone does not meet this condition, nothing else will happen except that month they will not be entitled for the bonus.

* I am quoting ’must’ because it is not obligatory to order every month and there is no minumal order limit: you can even have a box of Lingzhi coffee or a piece of Ganoderma soap if you only need so much.

If you want to earn bonus on the purchases made by people in your network, your network must either purchase 200 points (in addition to your own 100 PV) in total or you must have an order of 300 points on your own account.

I know this is Chinese* now – at least it was for me and I asked it several times from my sponsor – but we’ll get to it later after you’ve tried DXN mushroom coffee! 😉

*In Hungary, when we don’t understand something, we say „It is Chinese for me”, as Chinese is a very difficult language.


DXN has no fallback, no nulling!

Points you get for DXN product purchase do not only add within a month, but continuously on and on. So if someone in a given month, for example, has 100 points of his own (Personal PV or PPV) and his network has made 800 points of total purchases, the next month will start at 900 points. The best of all is, that you will never fall from a level you have reached before, so points will never fall back to zero!

Before DXN, I had another attempt to earn passice income with another company, where unfortunately I had to start from scratch every month and fight over and over again for a level I had already achieved previously. It made my job very difficult and that type of qualification pressure did not motivate me at all.


Benefits of DXN MLM system

DXN’s MLM system is free of the compulsions like being overtaken, detachment, monthly nulling, mandatory qualification, etc. that are common in other MLM networks. Plus, I get bonus after the products turnover of the entire network below me, in infinite depth and width!


Bonuses (commissions) in DXN MLM system

DXN’s MLM business consists of several network bonuses. Everything in DXN’s marketing plan can be found in detail, the percentages below are just a small insight. I’ll list them right away, but first I’ll show you what I think is a milestone!


International Profit Sharing

I would highlight one of DXN’s bonuses, which is a huge thing for me: International Profit Sharing.

This means that above a certain level, the networker receives money from all the monthly turnover of DXN company! So you get your share not only of the product turnover of your own network, but also that of all DXN network builders made. In other words, I get a commission after the turnover of the “crosslines”! This is a huge thing, because most MLM businesses are based on the fact that I only get paid after my own network! DXN also has the opportunity to make money from the entire company turnover, which is no small amount!



Let’s look at DXN bonuses:


Retail profit (15-25%): remember, this should be a small part if you want passive income 

Group Bonus (100 PPV and 300 PGPV per month): 6% – 21%

Star Group Bonus: 25% – 37%

Development Bonus: 15%

International Profit Sharing: 2%

Leadership Bonus: 15%

Travel Seminar Incentive: 2%

One Time Hand Phone Cash Incentive

One Time Overseas Trip Cash Incentive

The difference between the reward level for each performance (earned PV) and the reward level your associates achieve will be your income based on the monthly sales your network makes.

There are leadership bonuses that one gets after reaching Star Agent and then Star Diamond level. These are no longer tied to network depths, but rather to all network turnover. Achieving Star levels requires that you have directors in different branches below you.

See the DXN Marketing Plan for further details.


Optimal networking in DXN business


The most important thing is a quick start!

The essence of the MLM business is duplication. The more time a person spends in a business with no results, the harder it will be to authentically claim the greatness of this business. However, if people who are approached see how easy and fast their network is growing, they will be happy to join.

This is one of my earliest videos. It isn’t very professional, but DSP is:


Have your web address everywhere

Remember, you won’t have new regular customers or new colleagues (downlines) if you conceal this opportunity! Make your website address visible to people. Make your environment aware of what you do. You can also tell people about your website in person if it’s convenient for you, or send it in an email embedded in your signature. On Facebook, you can put your website at your place of work in your personal information section. There are countless possibilities.

If you build your business effortlessly, you will see, like you, they want to join the great business system of DXN! 🙂