Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

DXN Car Incentive Program

Please note, that I did not buy my car from my DXN bonus. Yet… 😉

DXN always finds new incentives to motivate its distributors. First DXN Car Incentive Program (CIP) is introduced for the members of DXN Italy. Soon we wish to spread it to all countries, One World, One Market-wise. The marketing plan was completed with a simple-to-follow programme. It helps to reach an important extra income in a short period of time. The name ’Car Incentive Program’ is just an indication. You do not necessarily have to buy a car. You can use this bonus to whatever you need money for. It is the same as with Hand Phone Cash Incentive and Overseas Trip Cash Incentive. Use your income free to achieve a better standard of living your own way.

DXN Car Incentive Program
The best feeling when driving my Fiat Tipo 2016 Opening Edition is that I know it advertises DXN: the market leader Ganoderma company and its healthy coffee! 🙂

(I do not want to mislead anyone. My car is not from my DXN bonus or the CIP. It is from my share of the inheritance of two of my grandfathers who have passed away.)

How does DXN Car Incentive Program work?

Only a few extra steps are needed to be taken in order to reach incredible advantages with DXN Car Incentive Program! You have to complete a cycle of three consecutive months to qualify. After the third qualifying month you will immediately receive the bonus amount for that month. The maximum amount is 500 Euros a month! You can study the details of Car Incentive Program by clicking the picture:

Get a brand new car with the help of dr Lim!
DXN Car Incentive Program: another option for your MLM success

What are the main advantages of DXN Car Incentive Program?

The soul of DXN Car Incentive Program is to motivate distributors to work together with their group and make it grow. The goal of the program is to encourage teamwork and increase the number of registrations. It is immediately possible to add an extra income to which is coming from DXN’s basic marketing plan.

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