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Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

DXN Dynamic Start Program (DSP) benefits

DXN Dynamic Start Program (DSP):

A new chapter in MLM history

DXN is for simple, everyday-people, just like me.

DSP hellps Dynamic Start in DXN Ganoderma coffee business
DSP helps Dynamic Start in DXN Ganoderma coffee business

I have to tell you in the beginning, that DXN Dynamic Start Program is only an option, it is not obligatory to start DXN mushroom coffee business this way.

DXN Ganoderma coffee business can be started simply with one product, for example a box of healthy coffee of your choice, or Ganoderma soap or Ganoderma toothpaste.

This is why I say that DXN business is for the everyday-people who do not have money to invest but want to start their own business to raise their standard of living, just like me.

Very old video of mine about DXN DSP. I have improved a lot since this, but no matter my presentation skills, DXN products work fine 🙂 


What is the benefit of Dynamic Start Program?

Both product users and business-oriented people benefit from DSP:

One does not have to be willing to enter into DXN MLM business to take part in the benefits of DSP. DXN Dynamic Start Program offers a great treasure for product users as well:

DSP benefits for DXN product users:

The essence of DSP for DXN product users in one sentence:

The member can buy products from the price of the kit in the future.

More explanation:

The member can purchase products for more than 100% of the price of Dynamic Start Program packages (kits). It can be reduced from the final amount of future purchases like a discount up to 10% of the final amount in one order. The following statement is a bit controversial, but I used to say that the kits are basically free this way, because the member gets products for the price of the kit in the future. So this is also a way of getting the gist of DSP.

DSP benefits for DXN networkers:

The essence of DSP for DXN networkers in one sentence:

Extra bonus after every member who joined with DSP in 3 depths of level.

More explanation:

The networker who recruited a member with DSP kit gets a bigger amount of money paid weekly after the new member. This extra bonus is paid on top of the bonus the basic marketing plan of DXN pays. Dynamic Start Program bonus is paid after 3 depths of level.

A1 kit of DXN Dynamic Start Program
DXN Dynamic Start Program A1 kit contains 150% discount from future purchases.

DXN Dynamic Start Program offers:

  • Ganoderma coffee starter kits with 150% discount. (See: DSP kits)
  • 70% weekly bonus shareback! Only from selling DXN Dynamic Start Program kits!
  • ISO and GMP certificate products range: (See: DXN webshop)
  • International job comfortably from home
  • Professional website in 20 languages
  • Intranet access: access to marketing – and training materials including video email
  • Our Ganotherapist‘s professional help
  • DXN Dynamic Start Program has 6 starter kit options. Click on the names to view: DSP A kitDSP A1 kitDSP B kitDSP B1 kitDSP C kitDSP C1 kit
  • Free starter kit also included

DXN is the largest Ganoderma MLM company in the world

It is founded by Dato’ dr. Lim Siow Jin in 1993. We are currently in the 24th place in Direct Selling Newsin 2016 DSN Global 100 list.

I am at your service with DXN Dynamic Start Program:
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