Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

Dogs in apartment, bikes, online mushroom coffee business


An apartment dog-dad’s motivation in healthy coffee business

Is it worth dealing with DXN Ganoderma business?
Have those got anything to lose who decide to join DXN MLM business?


I do not have anything to lose in case of DXN medicinal mushroom coffee business. I was not and could not be afflicted by material loss, since I did not have to invest money. In my current life situation, however, I can only lose, I feel.

What can someone expect from living with a dog in an apartment?

It may be me who just turns things out, or I am being too tragic. What can be wrong with someone having dogs in an apartment? There are so many people who live with dogs in their apartments in blocks of flats. Now I can not comment in their name. I can only share my own situation and experience with you. I live with 3 dogs, and it needs three times as much attention. I have no money problem with them, I can provide them with everything. They can also walk well, as you can see from my bicycle video.

The life of the apartment-dog dad is full of bounds and constraints. My freedom is history.

You might have recognized so far that I am consciously avoiding the phrase dog owner. I do not think that anyone owns, a dog, a canary, a horse or a pet of any kind. This relationship has far more to it. Caregiver would be an appropriate term as well, but I prefer calling people dog-dad, dog-mom, dog-parent as we say our dog is family as if they were our children. As a matter of fact, I do not have any children, not just yet, but neither am I planning any, so I call my canines ’my little dog-children’ when I talk to them. Check out Dr. Nancy Kay’s interesting writing about this here on

My apartment-dogs lying peacefully on the carpet in my room.
My doggy-roomates are very well-behaved quiet little beings.

At the beginning, I note that nobody forced me to adopt a dog. Originally, we were not in an apartment, but our lives changed in a way that we had to move back to the housing estate from a family house. My dogs came with me, that was no question. I’m not the kind of guy who gets rid of his partners, his family, his kids. Because my dogs mean that to me.

What are the constraints of having a dog in a housing project-apartment?

Having a dog in a housing project-apartment for me, but I think for everybody means that one’s whole day, agenda, and life are determined by his/her dogs. This manifests in the fact that dogs have to be taken down three times a day to relieve themselves and to move. For me with my 3 dogs, most of the time, because of them having to ’go to the toilet’, a dog-walk takes three times longer than of those who have only one dog. Here I could be telling long, boring, repeating stories about the dog poop-theme, but I’m not going to go into details about that. It is necessary to know one thing about dog-poop, though: the life of dog-parents evolve around this.

My 3 dogs enjoying the view from Avas hill to Diósgyőr city during dogbiking.
Stop, take a few deep breaths and enjoy the view: my dogs resting a bit during dog-biking on a spring afternoon.
Tight agenda for keeping the exact time of the dog walks

Walking times should be kept precisely for dogs. This is how  I achieved that we have been living in the  apartment  problem-free and they are house-trained and tidy. Aside from the fact that one of them chew the paint on the wall here and there, and where they lie down, they leave a greasy stain from their fur on the wall. Yes, and there is always some dog hair on the floor. But this is the least. If I had longer hair, it would also appear here and there in the apartment.

My apartment-dogs lying on the floor in the room guarding a bottle of DXN Spirulina.
My apartment-dogs lying on the floor guarding a bottle of DXN Spirulina. They know I will give them some after taking the photo. 🙂
Walking a dog kept in an apartment does not depend on weather

By not depending on weather when we go for a walk I do not mean that we go when we are in the mood. The point is, it does not matter how bad the weather is, we got to go down all the time because I have to go to work. There was a number of times that it started raining godlessly hard in the instant as we walked outta the staircase door with my dogs.

Weather does not care about apartment-dog walkers.
Got soaking wet in a few seconds on a summer afternoon. Just an average day with my 3 apartment dogs when I have to go somewhere in time.
Walking of dogs kept in an apartment is independent of one’s level of fatigue and mood.

Living in an apartment one does not take dogs down for a walk out of joy, good mood or as a diversified program, but because it has to be done. True, it is a great advantage if anyone can enjoy a dog walk. Basically I would enjoy it too. But when at 10 pm in the dark, snow, frost, rain, stumbling dead tired in the dark field with a headlamp on my head I am waiting for ’number two’ that should have been done basically 20 minutes before, like most of the time, wondering why one of my dogs is not doing it, this is when I say that I’ve had enough of all this for my entire life. From this obligatory hygienic-walk.

Walking my 3 dogs in deep snow in winter.
Ankle-deep in snow in winter. Be prepared for this if you plan to have dogs in an apartment!

Even in a house with a garden, the more conscientious caregivers regularly go out with their dogs for a walk, because canines require it for more than one reason. Having a garden, however, has the enormous advantage that one does not have to adapt to the intestinal function of his dog every day. One can do that he takes them out when it is good for him, because the dog can relieve itself in the garden.

Me riding bike with my dogs in winter in the snow.
Riding bike with my dogs, even in snow keeps our walk more effective.
Can one manage to go on vacation with apartment-dogs?

Going on vacation is with my dogs or not going at all – or if one has money even under his skin, little pets can be given to dog boarding homes for the holiday. This, in turn, does not only take its toll financially on the caregiver – the dogs suffer too. We certainly miss each other. I had two summers when my dogs were accommodated for 2 weeks at my friends’ for a friendly price while I was working at Sziget Festival.

Sziget Festival 'Backstage-boy' stuck between furniture in a van. Funny picture about working at the largest festival in Europe.
Working at Sziget Festival: I got stuck in a fully-packed van. 😀

Half of my salary was taken by the price of the dog-boarding, which would have cost two or three times more if my pack of dogs had  been accomodated by someone else. There are professional dog boarding services, but they exceed my budget. That would mean not only working for free at Sziget Festival as all of my salary would be taken by the payment of dog-boarding, but I would also have to pay extra money on top what I would have earned as a ‘hand’ (packer, backstage-boy). So I would be working for free packing heavy stuff day and night in the heat or rain to be able to pay for someone to take care of my dogs while I am away.

This could not be compensated with having opportunity to jump around at concerts and  party at Sziget (island in English) as I would still miss my dogs. This situation would suck, so I decided to skip a few-years-of-Sziget-going and work online even during the summer holiday. I also find time for recreation and riding BMX Flatland, but my laser-sharp focus is on DXN business until I achieve a good level when I can spare more freetime for myself.


My DXN products are safe among my guard-dogs on duty, LOL! XD
My guard-dogs making sure noone steals my DXN products, LOL! 🙂

But now I’m suspending whining-day, or rather a factual report of my life story. Let’s see, that:

Is there a chance for a better quality, more free life?

Yes, fortunately, I found a solution in DXN online healthy coffee business. If I had no dogs, I would not be satisfied either with my financial situation or with the treadmill – if you prefer, squirrel wheel – called life in which I keep running around. However, mostly because of my dogs I became sick and tired of all this.

The improvement in the amount and quality of my spare time will mean to be able to afford buying my family house where my dogs and I are both going to get more room for maneuver. I want to buy a nice, modern, Lake Balaton-shore house, the price of which I could not afford from my salary as an English teacher even till retirement. Neither could I earn the money for an apartment. This much – or rather, little – wage simply does not let me move ahead, improve and be prosperous.

My dogs calmly resting during our bicycle-dogwalk.
My dogs lying in the shade a bit. They are resting during our bicycle-dogwalk.
Can I really earn enough money with DXN coffee biz to buy a family house?
Isn’t this a scam, or is it just a dream way divorced from reality?

Yes, I can. I see it from examples of many ordinary people here in our country too. Maybe someone thinks everyone can tell what he or she wants, or write stuff on the internet about how much s/he earns with Ganoderma coffee MLM. I think neither of them would have built up a huge business, which led to replacing their full-time jobs with it. For example, one of my colleagues is the one who is earning the most money here in Hungary with mushroom coffee business.

We love rolling around in the nice green grass! 🙂

Even at this point, many people might say that even if someone allegedly been living from network marketing – that is the other name of the ‘ugly’ 3-letter word, MLM – told them face–to-face, they  would not believe him either. But that’s fine, because I think only those do not deal with this business who are satisfied with their lives as it is now. There isn’t anyone who does not dare to enter DXN MLM because of fear of losing money here as there is no investent needed. Yes, no investment means no risk on losing any money.

Products can be sold easily: relatively many people drink coffee or take a bath 😀

I think many people drink coffee and / or take a shower or bath, or even brush their teeth. So DXN products are those kind that many people use on a daily basis even several times. I think DXN Ganozhi toothpaste would even be worshipped by Al Bundy, star of the funny series Married with children, despite the fact that he believes that a true man does not even brush his teeth! 😀

Bubu dog loves smelling DXN Ganozhi Ganoderma soap, probably because of the Ganoderma medicinal mushroom content :)
Bubu dog and me with DXN Ganozhi Ganoderma soap.He likes the smell, probably because of Ganoderma medicinal mushroom content 🙂

Now I stop here before going into “presentation” mode. You can find answers about the business on my website, in the business opportunity menu and in my newsletter. If you have read it carefully, write down your questions and I will be happy to answer them. The first step is that simple. 🙂