Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

DXN marketing plan

No nulling, no fallback, no compulsions


DXN Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
DXN is getting closer and closer to the top. Direct Selling News Global 100 List, 2018

I heard many bad things about MLM companies:

  • Compulsory ‘auto-ship’ system.
  • Obligatory monthly orders.
  • Being harassed by sponsors to call people.
  • Giving weekly reports to the upline about your activity.
  • Buying training packages every month.
  • Attending expensive seminars no matter when or how far they were. After not taking part a few times, the distributor was considered ‘dead’.

I can not talk about these as my own experience. I read some MLM firm’s sites to be more in the picture. Are the things mentioned above in DXN too? No way! I would not be representing the company now if they were.

Luckily DXN is free from such constraints, but work must be done!

I can compare DXN marketing plan to my first MLM company. In that company there was always a 3-week qualification period. After that if the requirements were not matched I fell back to ZERO! No matter how high I was, I had to start all over again every three weeks. It was very frustrating. Than I read that in DXN marketing plan there was no such thing. It caught my attention immediately. I have already fallen in love with DXN coffee. The beauty, functions and content of the ‘brown site‘ amazed me as well (now there are more modern DXN eWorld websites). I got mine with DXN registration too. I though it could not get better. Than I heard about no nulling and no fallback! This was the cream of the crop!

Factory of Crown Ambassadors (CA Factory)

DXN offers an online goldmine: DXN CA Factory system!

Distributors can get free of charge the most up-to-date websites in multiple languages. The technology of these even point to the future and they also include a webshop and a DXN member registration system that the Malaysian DXN Headquarters and Dato’ dr. Lim Siow Jin also accepts and acknowledges.

It is a treasure chest of tons of reading material and videos. We have newsletter-sending system and video emails. We have weekly online webinars that are free to take part in. These and other seminars, presentations are uploaded to DXN Intranet. Watching them later is also possible. Of course DXN offers top quality offline events as well. Those can be attended, but success does not depend on that. There are DXN Diamonds and a DXN Crown Ambassador who have never given a family presentation, Some never talked in front of many people on stage. Some, like my upline and I prefer working mainly online. Opening DXN Russia market took place via internet as well.

Let’s summerize the advantages of DXN marketing plan!

What makes DXN special beside being the largest organic Ganoderma and Spirulina producer company in the world? DXN marketing plan is unique in every aspect! I love it because there is no compulsion of any kind and:

  • No compulsory monthly purchase
  • No minimum purchase limit
  • I get bonus in unlimited depth,
  • I can have unlimited direct lines,
  • There is no monthly nulling, so
  • I never ever fall back from a postion I have reached!
Click on the picture to learn DXN marketing plan details:
DXN marketing plan is one of the factors that made DXN the 24th Direct Selling company in the world according to DSN 2015 survey
Direct Selling News recognizes DXN the 24th among the top 100 great MLM companies.