Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

My story in DXN business

Gergely Takács, independent international business builder and product distributor of DXN Holdings Berhad
DXN has no obligations. I can happily do the business the way I like 🙂

Hello, my name is Gergely Takács.

I am international business builder and distributor of DXN company.

I build DXN MLM business online, and my goal is to share the health benefits of DXN products and DXN Network Marketing business opportunity with all the people all over the world.

As a private person, I am a dog lover, ex-BMX Flatland rider skateboarder. I am English teacher at a primary school.

Get to know me and why I sell DXN mushroom coffee online!

Business was something new to me, although all my life I wanted to have a job beside which I have a lot of freetime for my hobbies. I want to adjust work to my free time program. I got a particularly delicious healing coffee from my colleague (and now sponsor) and when I tasted it, I fell in love with it immediately.

My daily life with my dogs is very challenging for me.

My apartment-dogs walk perfectly beside me rinding my bike.
My goal is to buy a Balaton lakeshore house to achieve freedom with my 3 apartment-dogs.

This is one of my main motivations why I do DXN MLM business

I have 3 dogs, with whom I live in a block of flats.

I moved back from a detached house and I did not leave them. This requires a fairly tight agenda, I got to walk them three times a day while working full-time, doing this accurately, timely, 365 days a year, come rain or shine.

*Update: my three dogs and I have moved to a house with garden not so long ago, but in spite of the freedom a garden gives for my dogs and me, I do not want to stay in this neighbourhood, even though my house and the street is okay. My goal is still moving to Lake Balaton, and for this I am spreading the love with DXN products and business.

I love  sports, my hobby is BMX FLATLAND. I find it pretty hard to reconcile with my work, and my dogs, because I practice on a daily basis.

After a hard day’s work many people feel too exhausted to do what they love

You know what it feels like to be around in the afternoon around 5 PM after a 9 to 5 (if all goes well), take a deep breathe after performing the required daily stuff. By that time when you could finally do your own thing you often feel too exhausted. I have many friends, my  retired mother (who worked in health care as a nurse) 12 or more hours daily switching between day to night-shift. I can even consider myself lucky comparing to them.

I love Lake Balaton, the Hungarian Sea. This is me surfing in wonderful summer weather
Lake Balaton, the Hungarian Sea and a DXN coffee addict enjoying surfing! :)
Looking pro on a windsurf at my love: Lake Balaton, the Hungarian Sea. 🙂

I imagine my life completely different.

I do not want to exist just to work until I drop and be way too exhausted to enjoy the little freetime I have. Not to mention the fact that the continuous stress and exhaustion is not good for your health.I want to do so many things and travel round the world, which all require a lot of freetime and lots of money.

This is me practising on my BMX Flatland bike

Why DXN?

I started to get some information about DXN company and the features of DXN MLM business. I wanted to be sure, that both the marketing system and the company is stable. I didn’t find any fault, and I got more interested, when I saw their shares on the Kuala Lumpur stock exchange, where I could follow all the developement of DXN. My next step was that I checked DXN’s activity. What did I find about DXN?

Advantages of DXN Ganoderma and Spirulina

Their most important product is premium quality coffee with Ganoderma Lucidum extract (medical mushroom), which is grown on their own plantation, and they can supervise all growing process.

Close to the fire:

I could not wish for a better team to join: my colleague brought DXN to Europe. He created the online marketing system with all the technical support and marketing tools for the business, along with this wonderful website! Last, but not least, my sponsor’s sponsor, who is also a great, friendly, helpful person was the first to open DXN market in Russia and in the Ukraine with Online Network Marketing System


  • No investment is needed in DXN MLM business.
  • There are no restrictions and obligations.
  • There is no obligatory monthly or minimal product order.
  • DXN has a flawless background and knowing this I feel safe in business.
  • DXN founded the best product in MLM history: coffee, which is consumed by 83% of the population!
  • DXN Intranet system (now it is replaced by DXN eWorld): technical support with most up-to-date online marketing tools: A website like this is available for free in more than 20 languages.
  • There are plenty of ready-to-use material, a video sending system,  my site does the work for me 24 hours a day while I do my own things meanwhile.
  • Beside being an excellent business, I contribute to others’ health with ganoderma products.
  • Your children can inherit what you built in business.
  • You just have to pay once the 20 Euro registration price, and you can be a member forever, you can buy your products cheaper, and you can never lose what you built in your business. Your children can inherit it.
My vision with DXN is living a free, wealthy life at my new Lake Balaton-shore house.
There must be something that convinced me about DXN business, because I even have stickers with the name of my website on my car! 😉

Would this coffee business be going so well for me that I bought a new car?

I do not want to fool anyone, so I thought to make a clean breast of the car-topic:

In the meantime, it found that many believed, and asked several questions about whether I have bough my new red Fiat Tipo from my DXN income. No, I haven’t. Not even from my teacher’s salary, not even from winning the lottery. Unfortunately, my two grandfathers have died and the car was bought from the money that they had been saving in their lives for their grandchildren, including me. So do not envy me for this.

Do you get a company car at DXN?

Some people also wondered if this was a company car I got to use. It’s not. True, I’ve made a Facebook page called DXN Car Incentive Program where, of course, my car can be seen. Because there is an extra option like this at DXN, which is called this way.

Are you getting paid for advertising at DXN?

I do not get any money directly because I advertise. DXN does not pay for advertising, but on the basis of product turnover that result from the ads.

DXN is the best choice if you want to preserve your health and want to make money with true business!

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