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Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

BMX Flatland and MLM: what do they have in common?

BMX Flatland and MLM are two very different phenomena. Yet they do have things in common.

This blog contains my thoughts about the key to success in BMX Flatland and MLM business.

Perseverance and loving what you do

Ever since I can remember, I do sports. Aerobics, weight training, swimming, running, mountain biking, kayaking , karate, BMX Flatland. For now I stuck with BMX Flatland bike riding, calsithenics and riding my mountainbike with my dogs 3 times a day as dog walking.

Practising BMX Flatland trick switch-foot Karl Cruiser on a wonderful court in Havanna-residential area, 18th district, Budapest, Hungary

Both BMX Flatland and MLM business require perseverance.

My personal experience in BMX Flatland sport and MLM business is that perseverance always has its reward

I was common in all the sports I did that if I took something in my head, then I kept doing it until I reached the desired result. Maybe not in vain I started riding BMX Flatland at the age of 25, one of the practice disciplines of BMX Freestyle that requires the biggest endurance and fanaticism. Others usually begin today at the age of 12 to 15 …. to me it came a bit later like this … but I’m also spinning on a ‘kid’s bike’ 10 years later. One who is not persistent, drops out. Many chose to quit because of other reasons or rather excuses I think. Searching ‘serious’ girlfriends, partying, buying expensive clothes from the money they used to spend on bike parts…. If they ever regret it, it is never too late to get back in the seat again.

It is a great feeling to finally being able to pull a BMX Flatland trick combo flawlessly after months of practice

This sport isn’t for everyone, either. Only for the die-hard.

‘Giving up’ does not exist in my mental lexicon

Not in BMX Flatland and MLM, or anything else I love to do.

UntiI I had time, I regularly practiced an average of 5-6 hours per day, but there were days when I was on the court 9 hours in a row . Many times in heat, rain and icy wind. Getting up at 4-5 in the morning to avoid the hottest period of the day to be able to exercise before work, as long as the court was clear. Motivated by the experience, when I pulled a new trick first successfully after having it practised for many weeks or months training hard. There are also ones that I have been practicing for several years without spectacular growth. But it ‘s still there in my workouts.

BMX Flatland practice translated to the language of network marketing business:

Randy Gage‘s book How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine refers to 2-3 hours of persistent work a day to obtain a main job’s salary in the form of passive (residual) income in 2-4 years.

Age is nothing but a number: starting MLM at 36 to retire at 40

There are no coincidences. BMX Flatland bike riding further steeled my strong will so by the time I started DXN MLM business at the age of 36 I could not be deflected from my goals.

Sunset at Lake Balaton, the Hungarian Sea

BMX Flatland and MLM business built up endurance in me to reach my goal of realizing my goal of living at Lake Balaton.

I do not have dreams, I have goals!

  • I am going to be able to requite the lot of help I got from my parents seriously financially.
  • I am going to have time and money freedom to travel.
  • I am going to afford to buy a nice house with garden at Lake Balaton, Hungary for me and my dogs.
  • In the morning I am going to be able to adapt my BMX Flatland practice to work and not vice versa.
  • If I want I’m going to be able to take my dogs for a walk any time during the day.
  • Working from home I’m gonna be able to avoid rushing home to them in the afternoon racing in urban traffic.
  • Unpredictable morning traffic jams, trucks and trains are not going to bother me anymore.
  • My steady, growing passive income prevents me from worrying about my pension.

Whose work is going to pay for my pension? The pension system is in crisisRobert T. Kiyosaki also predicted the economic collapse

I’m sure there are people among you, who will be encouraged and energized by networking in sports and the other way around! You also have probably had your experience of the sweet taste of well-earned fruits of hard work in some area of life, right?

So, what is common in BMX Flatland and MLM? Perseverance equals success!

This blog post is the re-edited version of the original one from 10th December 2013 from my previous website that no longer works.