Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

Teachers choose this coffee business

Why I deal besides my teacher’s job with the hated-by-everyone MLM business in my spare time?


A lot of you may ask:

’’Who is the idiot who works beside a main job as an English teacher (or anything else) instead of relaxing when he gets home from work and sacrifices free time to work more? Is such a person sane at all?”

“Your homework for today is….” 😀
English teachers choose DXN Ganoderma coffee business
Repeat after me 🙂

Why do people work in second jobs?

I think the reason why teachers and people from other professions have a second job beside a main job can be some of the following.

There are people, …

Who work because of their sense of vocation:

They are the luckiest. I know such teachers. They love what they do, feel about it as a profession. Work is fun for them, almost like a hobby. These people are not money-motivated. What they earn is enough for them.

Who take more jobs too as employees:

They need more money because they do not or only barely make ends meet from their monthly salary. This is why teachers decide to work in the afternoon and in the evening in language schools and tutor after finishing teaching at their schools.

Who want to get out of the treadmill:

People who do not like or even hate their jobs: they totally want to change their lives, and therefore build their own businesses. 

People who do not get enough money to make their dreams come true. Teachers are not overpaid in Hungary either, even though they do not have daily problems about eating.

People who have enough money, but have no or just a little free time to spend it and enjoy life. I think teachers who work as headmasters and deputies fall into this category.

People who think of their own and their family’s future. They also do not want to base their golden years on a very dubious pension. There is no such thing as a secure job as an English teacher as well. What happens when a brand new headmaster arrives and one gets fired? I speak from experience.

Then, here is me, an English teacher, who:

Does not hate his job as an English teacher because Béla IV Primary School in Hejőkeresztúr (famous for the Complex Instruction Program – KIP) is a super place in every aspect thinking in terms of teacher’s jobs (now I work elsewhere). However, neither does he earn enough money with teaching for what he wants to do, nor does he have enough free time for his hobbies, including cycling. This is because above all he even has to take care of his dogs first too on a daily basis. 3 daily walks are required when someone lives with dogs in a block of flats.

Why does a teacher like me choose DXN?

In a nutshell, to live a free life, I make sacrifice on a daily basis now. I do things today that others would not do so that I will be able to do things that others can not do. (Message! … 🙂 )

I love online networking at DXN because both the company and the products are of value and benefit people.

This is the coffee that helps me get through the day both as an English teacher and a dog teacher in a cheerful and energetic way most of the time:


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