Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.


Why should anyone deal with DXN MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business?

Initial investment in DXN Ganoderma coffee MLM business venture

Very good, Frequently Asked Questions about DXN MLM business

This essay contains facts completed with my personal opinion. You may think differently, you are not required to agree with me. If all of us were the same, the world would be boring 🙂

Who should start DXN MLM business?

Do you hate your job? There is hope!

I personally recommend it to those who have realized that they can not move forward and achieve their goals in their current job. Many, therefore, do not really have goals. They just cherish dreams, but do not see any chance to make them come true. I suggest studying DXN MLM to anyone who hates his/her job, is not satisfied with the payment he/she receives, the amount of his/her free time, or basically with his/her current standard of living.

If any of these is given, then one can begin to search the Internet for a company whose products one would purchase anyway, even if business opportunity would not be available. For me this product is Ganoderma medicinal mushroom coffee of DXN MLM company.

DXN MLM company's Zhi Coffee Classic - Turkish style healty coffee
Ganoderma coffee – the best Network Marketing product introduced by DXN MLM company

Does one have to call people to product presentations or peddle in suit?

The term Multi-level Marketing means building a network of product users, but without dragging anyone into anything he/she does not need. Unfortunately, the negative tone of the word MLM in part is due to those who, ignoring the person’s needs they speak to, are pushing and want to get them to join at all costs by continually bothering them. One can rightly resent even the expensive products and expensive starter kits, compulsory, paid trainings, the sponsors acting almost like a second boss who ever call one to account for the work he/she has done. There are some MLM companies where it is the common fashion and raise their business builders this way. At the first appearance of Direct Selling companies at the dawn of the starting of Network Marketing business due to the power of novelty people turned a blind eye over these for a while. I think in 2016 the above mentioned pushy methods are already outdated.

I also like to work in DXN MLM business because I do not have to do anything I do not like. In DXN MLM I do not need to step outside my comfort zone! There are many ways to work. Anyone who likes to take part in personal meetings, do product presentations can succeed very well too. DXN MLM products are guaranteed to work with those who try them, no matter how bad a presentation turns out. I’m not this type, I build my business 90% online.

Is starting expensive? Is it necessary to invest large sums when someone starts dealing with DXN MLM business?

Everyone is curious about the amount, so here I’ll tell you at the beginning: it can be started from about  10,000 Hungarian forints. 1 HUF equals about 0,0032 Euros/0,0035 USD, so you see our currency in Hungary is quite weak. Yet people in Hungary drink their daily coffee too 😉

Unfortunately, also in my country there are people who really need the money for bread, not alcohol and cigarettes, nor do they spend it on unnecessarily expensive smartphones either. Yet their position is not hopeless either. Below there is an example about this too.

DXN MLM company has low price and high quality products with cheap starting cost
Small initial investment is one big advantage of DXN MLM business venture

I think it’s pretty reasonable, I do not think many people can say that they can start a business enterprise simply from this amount. Yes, business enterprise! If someone wants to make money, because I think he/she joined to do so, it should be viewed as a business enterprise. If one deals with it as a hobby, one will have just a hobby-like income. This is good too, there are people who just want a couple of 10 thousand forints extra per month. This can be solved as well.

Now I introduce a cheap version, though I think a DSP package is more favorable. I’m sure I would have chosen it if it had existed when I joined (110-150% of the price can be converted into future purchases and one gets instant weekly bonus after DSP kits!). At first, they cost more, but choosing Dymanic Start Program (DSP) is not required, as nothing in DXN MLM at all. It is important to mention that DXN does not demand anything, rather provides opportunities.

Let’s look at the most budget-sparing starting version to medicinal mushroom coffee MLM.

The condition of of membership is the purchase of at least one product and paying the registration fee. Any product can be selected. Let’s look at two options.

First, the more ’’expensive”

Distributor price of a box of Ganoderma black coffee (DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee) is 3970 HUF + 5000 HUF registration fee = 8970 Hungarian forints altogether. (Please use currency converter for the money of your country)

Second, cheaper version:

One piece of Ganoderma soap (DXN Ganozhi Soap) costs 1040 HUF + 5000 HUF registration fee = 6040 HUF altogether.

Added to these still comes a 1900 HUF GLS courrier fee, but it also can be avoided:

If one lives near a business associate, they can assign a group order of their products, now and in the future too. If anyone can solve personal pickup, then there is no postage cost either.

One can see that if one can not or do not want to start with more products, DXN MLM business is the best choice in this regard as well.

I would not call this around ten thousand forints’ amount an investment. One can put money in the pillow, the bank, which it will use to make fortunes, and it will cast a thin alms mocked as interest in front of one’s feet.

One can pinch pennies that might be good for something one day, and the money will end up in the grave buried with him/her. One can also party it away. If someone does the same thing every day, the result will be the same too. Change must be wanted, yearned for. But if you want to improve your quality of life, then I think there’s nothing more to talk about, you should fill in the registration form.

If it is expensive to start DXN coffee MLM business, it is up to you now to decide based on your own knowledge of the facts given above. One thing is certain: there are many examples demonstrating that from a much more disadvantageous position than the average Hungarians, including myself too, were people who have built up a rich, stable business providing continuous passive income with DXN. They did so without broadband internet connection or a main job, lacking in fact roof over the head and regular food too! You can witness the touching story of a young Filipino man who began DXN MLM living down the street without a penny, sleeping on carton. Today neither he nor his family is lacking anything:

I often think of him when I find myself complaining about something. Yes, it happens to me too. Sometimes work and life becomes monotonous. I have to take the dogs for a walk again, the computer is not fast enough, programs collapse.  ,,These are really ’huge’ problems ” – I say to myself, after I finished my self-pity. Myself included, beside a full-time job providing fixed monthly salary (at the moment I am still a teacher), from a comfortable apartment with a full fridge and high-speed internet connection, I think just those can not work, who do not want to. Initially in Malaysia the condition of membeship required not one, but the purchase of three products. I think it is in a good sense in my view ridiculously little, because who is serious about the business will use the products because the products are that make one choose a company. Not the ’circle-drawing’ explanation of marketing plan and bonus percentages on a large white paper. I’m in DXN MLM business because the coffee is good. No matter how beneficial the commission system of DXN is (I have a frame of reference), if I did not like the products, I would not be here.

The company’s founding chairman, Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin has completed all the hard work establishing the products, all the factories, plantations and machines to the last screw. Every day he constantly works on the further development of DXN company and its products. Its mission is to maximize the number of people familiar with the company’s main product, Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushroom and improve his/her health condition and standard of living.

Can one go bankrupt? How much can be lost in online healthy coffee business?

It is important that one should only start DXN MLM or any other Multi-level Marketing business, if the initial cost is not going to be missing from the family budget.
DXN MLM business does not require investment
Can one lose money in DXN MLM enterprise?

Earlier I mentioned that it can be started from about ten thousand forints. This starting amount can also be collected over several months if one has the motivation. This could mean that a couple of times one does not go to the spa, cinema, partying, etc., but you know: something for something. If that’s all and it would not take a bite out of one’s child’s or his/her own mouth, I really think this is not a sacrifice in the long run.

Is it possible to lose a lot of money in Ganoderma MLM business?

The price of the products that one consumes I would not classify in the loss category. If they are purchased from the store (nowhere near this quality), they have to be paid for too. In exchange for the registration fee of HUF 5000 one gets systems (intranet and websites) certainly worth hundreds of thousands – I will be talking about this below (actually DXN registration fee has been erased, now DXN membership is FREE! I just leave the writing bellow to illustrate how things worked).

But let’s focus on the sum: the worst case scenario is a 1900-ft GLS shipping and 5,000 HUF connection fee. This is a total of 6900 HUF.

I urge everyone not to overspend. Order only as much products you can afford. It is not mandatory to maintain stocks. There is no mandatory minimum monthly ordering and no product ordering obligation. The horror called auto-ship has never been known anywhere near DXN and it can not be set, like a direct debit mandate every month to send the products automatically whether you need them or not. Here there is no danger that the pantry is full of coffee from before the previous month, but new portions are already coming up. There is a company in which orders are mandatory, otherwise one smoothly falls back even to zero from any level. One can not fall back from a level already reached in DXN MLM! There is no monthly nulling of Bonus Points, Point Values, whatever it is called!

Is it true that one can start DXN online networking without serious investment?

Yes it’s true. Why is that?

Above, I mentioned that it can be solved from around 10,000 forints. Feel free everyone to ask an entrepreneur friend how much money has he/she already invested into his/her venture, how much has s/he lost, for how long was it lossmaking, when it became profitable, etc. So then I wonder who will say 10,000 forints is a lot. Once one recovers from hitting the floor hearing the figures said by the entrepreneur, DXN coffee business can be mentioned as an opportunity that does not require major investment. 😉 Of course one can say ten thousand is a lot even after all these, but there’s nothing wrong with this. There is also life outside MLM, one can be happy with other work and salary as well. It is, like so many things, personality-dependent.

Is it required to buy expensive DXN starter kits?

No way. DXN MLM business does not oblige anyone to anything. One may also enter business with many types of product packages, but it is also possible simply with just one product.

I encourage everybody to spend only as much its lack would not be felt towards the end of the month. Stretch only as far as to make buckle and tongue meet, otherwise, one can stretch until (s)he is  all stretched out.

Does one have to go to expensive trainings, courses?

No need. If I had to, I would not be writing this blog already. DXN intranet which is received when joining has an incredible amount of great online material that one can always listen to and watch at home. Of course, live performances and training courses are continuously organized so those who love them too, it is possible.

Is there an expensive registration fee in DXN business?

No, there is not. DXN registration fee is HUF 5,000, which I think can absolutely not be called expensive. Why is that? For this only has to be paid once and does not have to be constantly renewed every year. In return, products can be purchased with 25% discount (40% more later on). For the five thousand forints the new member gets even a system called intranet full of training materials, free to use marketing tools, newsletter system, a video email software, contact sheets (timed notification and registration system), free websites with a web shop and blog available in more than 20 languages. All this if done by hired professionals, could amount to millions of Hungarian forints too!

Is DXN registration fee of HUF 5,000 a waste of money out the window?

Decide all by yourself, based on the above described. If you think it’s worth to join in you can do it here: request new DXN membership

I’m afraid of commitment, this holds me back from joining DXN

In DXN MLM there are no expectations, no obligations and membership can also be deleted. Commitment in my opinion is a word filled with positive content. People commit themselves to noble goals. DXN’s philosophy of ’’One Mind” means that the company and all employees, including the management and workers of the factories and farms, only focus on: passing the healing products together with health and better quality of life offered by business opportunity to everyone regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion and ny kind of political views.

If a person feels unable to identify with this, I do not recommend DXN MLM business opportunity to him/her.

I think marriage, having children, pet ownership / acceptance are really commitments. They all involve serious obligations and responsibilities, I can testify to that.

I think we are forced every day again and again involuntarily to do a lot of undesirable things and bounds, because we think we have no choice.

I think a job is like this where people are forced to work with anyone, where they are dictated what to do, when to go in and how to work. One needs payment, so certainly many things must be swallowed and done that one does not like to do. A phone subscription for 24 months’ loyalty time, a bank, a loan taken on for a number of years, decades are such bounds.

But one does not need to be committed to DXN. DXN MLM products can be used in addition to other products. The fact that one orders online his/her daily consumer goods, in addition to very favorable terms, with bonuses formed exclusively on their own orders, that can be minused from buying products, they are still not undertaken with anything which might result in any damage. Internet product order has become part of our life.

But if we are talking about commitment in respect of the membership how many people have different point collecting cards at multinational firms (in which I think there is nothing wrong)? How many people are members of clubs, online department stores, community sites, email service providers? … the list goes on.

One could say of course, that none of these are MLM. If someone after getting to know the real facts has problem with this otherwise perfectly legitimate, honest business form, just because it is about the three-letter word MLM from what s/he heard a lot wrong from whoever, could not even tell the reason why s/he dislikes it, meanwhile hates his/her non-MLM job, then one does not need to rape himself/herself, does not have to join either. In fact, can continue to dislike, and can have reservations for MLM. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.

In DXN Ganoderma venture one has no boss. No one will call on to account when and how much products did (s)he order, how many people s/he showed the business to, how many advertisements did s/he post and many hours he/she spent working.

I think the fear of commitment, more properly termed involuntary obligation is baseless in connection with DXN. This is my opinion.