Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

DXN Icing On The Cake IOC marketing plan

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s IOC!


There are so many kinds of personalities all over the world. It is the same among DXN members as well. This is the business where you can be yourself and do it your way. No one tells you anything you must do. You can choose your own methods. The only emphasis is on doing it.
Letting people know about DXN products and the opportunity. Simply, honestly, without any pushing. This is the way of DXN One Dragon, the strongest of all Ganoderma companies.

Earn money in healthy coffee business with DXN Icing On The Cake IOC

I think the basic marketing plan of DXN Ganoderma company is perfect. Beside this distributors can choose from even more opportunities. Everyone can find what fits his/her needs and interests. We have Dynamic Start Program, Car Incentive Program and IOC. It is short for Icing on the Cake.

You can download a shorter presentation about the advantages of DXN Icing On The Cake IOC system. Click on the photo:

My nephew with his DXN birthday icing on the cake :)
My nephew, Gábor, future DXN Double Crown Ambassador  😉

You can buy any assortment of products for your DXN Icing On The Cake IOC package. There is no compulsion, just like in any other field in DXN.

In DXN Icing On The Cake IOC distributors get percentage after members joining them with IOC packages. This means instant income. Getting paid at once is the thing impatient people lack in Network Marketing. You know what the statistics say. Financial freedom can be achieved in 3-4 years with daily work in Multi-level Marketing industry. With IOC and DSP they also have a chance.

“Oh no, this sounds like some pyramid scheme” some might say.
I can assure you, that it is not. We in DXN deal with real, tangible – edible and drinkable – products. There is no need to worry for even a second. You are still wondering about DXN being a legitimate company or not? Study the 8-point-test of a trustworthy Direct Selling Company HERE.

Click on this nice picture to view DXN Icing On The Cake IOC Introduction:

It's Simple, It's Easy, It's IOC!
DXN Icing on the Cake IOC is an additional marketing plan beside the basic one offering instant income after DXN products packages.

Study DXN Icing On The Cake IOC Renumeration Plan details. Click on the picture:

DXN Icing On The Cake IOC renumeration plan details
DXN Icing On The Cake IOC renumeration plan