Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

Money making in DXN coffee MLM business: is it possible?

How can I make money in DXN coffee Network Marketing business?

Many people are looking for legit ways to earn some extra cash to improve their standard of living. They might even see something in Multi-level Marketing business-opportunities. They tried some products, liked them, read a lot on the internet about the companies. They are sure that the products are of high quality and the companies really earned their certificates. They are considering to register as a member to get the discounts as a product user, but they are still hesitant to enter into business.

They have a lot of such questions like:

“Does MLM business really pay?”

“Can anyone actually earn money with these Multi-level Marketing types of things?”

“Ah, so this is about selling products? This is definitely some disgusting pedlary!”

Money making in MLM is totally different from earning a salary in a job.


Although there are many stories of real people on the internet about how they achieved a much more bigger income than they used to have in their jobs, people are still suspicious.

Some say – and I can understand them for this – that they will start networking too if they see that their friend whom they meet almost every day ‘has made it’.

Then they meet someone who has heard from a friend of a friend that these businesses do not pay money but make people lose money. This is when the people who were open to MLM and even used some products despondently whisk:

“I knew this was also just a type of scam again, some fraudulent MLM!”

In such a negative environment the anti-MLM attitude of the majority of people comes as no surprise. I want to share some of my honest and positive thoughts and actual facts I have experienced in during my 4 years in DXN healthy coffee business,

Family and friends are nice and try to protect us

Family and friends want the best for us. That is why they try to protect us from disappointment and losing money, because they heard that someone lost money with MLM. I understand and agree with those who take good advice from those that love them. Regardless of the topic, it does not hurt though, to look up some information about it, without any commitment.

Those who were fully convinced by opinions and rumors from people without any personal experience or facts from trustworthy sources, now simply do not read on.

If you still decide to educate yourself a bit on the controversial business of Network Marketing, I do my best to share my personal experience with you.

A beginner’s experience in Multi-level Marketing business

If the word MLM still did not scare you away, I share you a bit of my own experience. I’m still at the beginning of the road. My DXN product-lover consumer network is building nicely. A lot of people are joining for health benefits from countries outside of Hungary (my homeland) as well. Luckily I can communicate with people from all over the globe. It was worth paying attention in English class a bit at school! 🙂

There are also some who take business seriuosly and we are working together on market opening of new, ’virgin’ countries.

How do I work in Network Marketing?

I work 90% online. The more time I spend in DXN MLM, the less I try to talk about it, when I am talking to people. If they ask about either products or business opportunity, I answer as briefly as possible, not engaging in ’presentation mode.’

Do you have any special method for building your MLM business?

Now I can hear you ask: ”If you don’t talk about it, how will they know? How can they ask about something they don’t know you are doing?” Good question! Here is my solution:

Making my website address visible everywhere

My method or strategy is to make what I do visible to everyone in every possible place and way. In the ’real world’ this means making my website address visible on my T-shirts, baseball caps, bikes and car. In the ’online world’ this means putting my website link to all of my social media profiles and descriptions. I also write it on all of my photos and videos. There is a proper term for this. It is called passive marketing or passive advertising.

I only build my business in a way that I enjoy doing. I used to post a lot of free online ads on a daily basis. There came a time when I got fed up with it, and now I do not do it anymore (I only renew the ones that exist when I get an email about it). But I always find something else that I enjoy doing instead. The emphasis is on the ’doing’-part.

Things that I don’t do in Networking business (anymore)

No cold-calls and home presentations

I do not call people to talk to then about either products or business. Neither do I invite them to home presentations. I do not feel comfortable about doing such things. I don’t say that these methods do not work. They are just no my cup of coffee (or tea? LOL!)

No pitching on social media

I do not ’pitch’  (unknown) people (too) on social media. I used to do it, it was so wrong. Luckily I learned not to do it anymore. If I think back now that I used to send messages to my long-forgotten friends whom I have not been talking to for ages, not to speak of seeing them makes my face turn red to the top of my ears and hide my face in my palms.

I heard strategies how one can talk about business to people with whom he did not have any contact with for years. It actually sounds funny to call someone saying like:

“Hey, it’s me Geri. Do you also hate such calls when someone whom you have not met for ages suddenly calls you with an offer to a business opportunity? Now, this is just that type of call!” 🙂

Okay, it is funny, I admit, but I just do not feel comfortable with doing this, neither in written form.

This can also work for some people, but I believe it works only for those who totally feel comfortable with doing it. You know, the energy-flow can be felt anywhere, either it is in a real-time conversation or the cyber world.

No boring, ad-like Facebook posts on my timeline

I try no to post boring cliche-stuff on Facebook about my business. You know, those typically-written advertisement-like texts that flood from all around us from the TV and radio (I do not have a TV and do not listen to radio, for the fact.)

Instead of posting ads on Facebook, I usually share my blog posts nowadays and some pictures related to my life. Most of them are funny (to me at least). It is also a work in progress. The thing is I can not tell what people will find interesting. It depends on their personal mood and state of mind at the moment they see something in their newsfeed.

Facebook is for fun and recreation

People are sensitive to what they see in their newsfeed. Most of them use Facebook to relax after work. They chat, comment on funny videos and the pictures of their friends.

There are some who complain about even one tiny business related post, not to mention dozens of them. I understand them. I also do not like to see the same stuff in my newsfeed, even though I do not complain or ’yell’ about it in Messenger. As a worst-case scenario, I ’unfollow’ the person, but to be honest I limit my time spent on Facebook, so I do not really get annoyed about stuff going on there.

No ads in Facebook groups

I do not post ads in Facebook groups anymore. I hated it when I did it and they did not work for me. In my experience most MLM and business groups on Facebook are full of people who only post their stuff and ’uncheck’ the ’notify me about new posts’ option. I believe that most people do not join these groups to look for a business opportunity.

The only business-related groups most people are engaged in I think are the ’buy-sell’ and some job-related types. Real estate, cars, phones, clothes, toys, household items, etc. People who have some of their used stuff to sell post it on their timelines as well, but – I speak of my peronal experience – if they share it too often, some others might not like it, no matter how important it is to sell that house, for example. I heard some of my aquintances complain about seeing my ’house for sale’ post too often. It was a urgent for me then. I hope they are never going to get in the same situation.

In all areas of life, I believe it is true, that ”I can only take responsibility for what I say (or do), not for what others think about it.” (I’ve heard this from Péter Szabó, one of my favourite Hungarian motivational speakers.)

I do not join MLM groups on Facebook

I do not join any Network Marketing or business-related Facebook groups anymore. I have found what I was looking for with DXN, and I am not interested in any other business. I am only in a few groups in connection with my hobbies.

Cleaning up the mess I made: leaving 2000 Facebook groups

I was in about 2000 or more Facebook groups. I thought it was good for finding people. No, it was not for me. I decided to leave each and every one of them. It actually took me hours of work, as I had to manually do the following in case of every single one:

click on leave group and “prevent other members from adding you back to this group.”

How did I manage to do this boring work?

I set a goal of leaving about 100 Facebook groups every day! This is what I got for doing something stupid in the past. Luckily I have learnt that I will not do this again, and people who are reading this and share my views may avoid this as well.

DXN is a product-based business

With DXN I found the product and the company that I can fully, proudly identify with anytime, anywhere. If I did not believe in it, I would not give my name to it all over the internet. If it would not be a huge business, I would still take the healthy coffee off the shelf of any supermarket* and buy it, because the DXN products I take daily had proven to be so fine for me and my family.

*Actually DXN products are not (allowed to be) sold in bigger supermarkets, just in small shops and through Direct Selling.

Selling and building a network:

Difference between real-time work and passive income

Building a network of happy product lovers

So there are a lot of people, including my own colleagues who make a very good living from full-time DXN Ganoderma coffee business only. The point is not really selling products, but focusing on building a satisfied network of people who willingly consume DXN products regularly. They order their products themselves when they need them. They do not need me for this. I am there for them if they have questions, but they do not need me for their product purchases. In other words: I worked once when I taught them how to order products, but get the bonus every time after their orders. Most of the people who love DXN products are not even getting involved in the business opportunity. They are taking the products because of the benefits they provide. They simply registered to be a member of DXN because they get discounts from product prizes.

They enjoy products and the discounts, and me, who is also interested in business, enjoy the bonus too, in addition to product benefits and discounts.

Selling products with real-time physical work

If one in the traditional commercial sense sells the products with spread (retail price minus distributor price), than it requires the same work on daily level. Here I mean being present and doing work physically. Okay, we all sell some products in MLM business personally to the people around us, but if someone only sells products without building a network, then it is like another job. So, here’s the point:

People do not join Multi-level Marketing business to get another job with another boss. No. If not in dire straits, who would want to go to work in a second job after coming home dead tired from their main job? People join MLM business to be able to quit their jobs one day and earn a stabile, growing, pension-like passive income and have plenty of freetime.

What does the amount of MLM income depend on?

The amount of money earned in MLM business depends on the amount of your network’s products purchases. Bonus is calculated after product turnover. You can take a look into DXN marketing plan here.

How long does it take to reach financial independence?

I am doing my best to avoid cliche answers all the time. The above questions is one of the hardest to answer. The proof of the existence and achieveability of financial independence and passive income is the success of other people, but this depends on many factors.

The moment I am writing this I have not reached financial independence yet (hopefully I will re-edit this section soon J).

I joind DXN in November 2013, and I am progressing well. I am at Star Ruby level, but the goal is Star Diamond and Crown Ambassador! All the successful people in my upline and crossline say that if I work consistently, I realize my dreams, as DXN has the most supportive, compulsion- and requirement-free marketing plan (renumeration plan) I have ever seen.

I can only tell you what the statistics say: with patient, perseverant, regular quality work stable passive income can be achieved in about 4-5 years. This means that even if I am not working, members of my network also order the quantity of products they consume and I get paid after the turnover.

What is the first benefit of MLM business?

The first benefit of being a member of an MLM company is that products will be much more cheaper. Customer (distributor) price includes 25% discount. This has a further 80% discount from DXN product prizes if I use my bonus.

I love it when at a 30,000 Hungarian Forints (HUF) order I only have to pay 8,000 Forints** and this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is still going to be a thousand times better! Such great discounts are not given at any regular supermarket I go shopping to. This is simply the reason why a lot of people join as a regular customer.

* At distributor price. It would cost 25% more for a non-registered customer.

** In case I have the necessary bonus amount for this, namely 24,000 HUF.

What if someone is still not interested in DXN MLM business?

They should not feel pressed to do anything. Those who think that they do not want to deal with business for some reason, should not hide the fact that they consume DXN Healthy Coffee and other products. One does not hide behind the door to eat her/his chocolate/banana/sandwhich, right? J

Just be natural: drink DXN coffee in public, like they would do anyway! J Do not think about it as building business, especially if one does not feel like it. People will ask, trust me!

If the people around them see them drink DXN coffee and become interested in it, this can mean profit without engaging in business. Here is how:

After anyone who joins them simply just because this is their favorite coffee, they will receive bonus after their customers’ orders too. They do not have to peddle or push, just talk about the product if asked, like they would do in case of any other product they bought at the supermarket. Pushing product to others is one of the biggest reasons why most people do not want to deal with MLM. To be honest, I would not be dealing with it, if it could only be done in a pushy manner.

Why so serious? 🙂

I know that this was a lot to digest, so let’s have some fun and relay at the end of this blog. In this YouTube video of mine you can witness how crazy I can get sometimes, and no, this is not some king of side effect of Ganoderma coffee! 🙂

This writing about making (or is it better to say: ’earning’?) money with DXN Ganoderma coffee Multi-level Marketing business is the improved, re-edited version of the blog entry on my previous website that no longer functions. I published it on 6th August 2015 with the title: ”How can I make money from DXN MLM business?”