Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

How much money does DXN Network Marketing business pay?

What is the amount of money I can expect if I join MLM business?

First here are a few important things you have to know:

  • One does not get money for simply joining a legit MLM company. (Getting money for joining would mean a pyramid scheme.)
  • One gets money after the monthly turnover of her/his network,
  • The hours of work does not count in Network Marketing. Actual product turnover: how much product did your network and customers bought. This also depends on the quality of the work one does, not the time spent on working.
  • Once again: MLM business does not pay by the hour, it pays on the basis of product purchases of one’s network.

People are curious about the amount of income they can earn if they decide to join a Multi-level Marketing company. In this sense, MLM and jobs are similar, as we never go and work in a job without nowing how much money we will get at the end of the month, But I think this is the only thing Network Marketing and jobs have in common when we talk about income.

Let me share you some of my personal experiences in healthy coffee MLM biz.

Two thousand Hungarian Forints (HUF) and some change with the image of King Matthias, the Just.
What is the exact amount of monthly cash I can expect to get if I work in Multi-level Marketing business?

How much money do I earn with online coffee business?

The amount of income that can be earned in Networking business is a very important topic to discuss. I also ask this question, or at least used to, until my upline provided me with a great answer. (I actually know how much he earns, and it is a lot. No, I will not tell you because it is such a big amount that it might scare people away,)

I tell you what I say when I am asked about my income in coffee business first in a short(er) version, and after that I give a bit longer explanation, so you will not say that I am rude or have something to hide.

Short version:

So, the short version goes like:

“You know that this is a Network Marketing business, and your income does not depend on how much money I actually make. You can earn more or less money than me, It only depends on the work you do,”

“Okay, do not evade giving answer, Geri! How much money do you get in a month for selling mushroom coffee online? Give me a number!”

The reason why I will not enter into telling amounts (or showing big checks on stage) is that this could be very misleading.

If I say my monthy income in DXN is little, it means that the quality of my work should be improved, If I want to earn more money, I should do what I do much more efficiently. Try new methods and improve the ones I am using.

If I told you an amount and you say it is little, this does not mean that your income would be the same. My income depends on the quality of my work, your income depends on the quality of your work.

Long version:

Now, here is the longer version of the things that influence the amount of cash that can be earned in MLM:

Right, so here we go. This will not be short, but I want to give an in-depth answer that satisfies the thirst for knowledge:

First, you need to undertand that this is a Multi-level Marketing business. Earning income here is totally different the workplaces we are all familiar with, This is no fix incomem like in a job. The bonus (salary in MLM) is growing exponentially in case of an active network of product users. What does it take for a network to be active? To have products that we use every day and would buy anyway in other shops if we could not get the better version of them from our company.

Okay, so active product-user network: check.

The quantity of the income depends on how much products my network uses. I am acitvely building my business, and I also have people in my network who do so. Those who ‘only’ use products – actually they are the most important as they show that products work without the business opportunity as well – are walking ‘advertising boards’, they are satisfied with what they use and tell people what the products are and where to get them, They do this as we all do  every day. For example in case of a good vet who treated our dogs or a good teacher who taught something well to our children. We recommend people, services and products we are satisfied with,

Growing customer base: check.

All new shops have smaller turnover first, This is true to any Network Marketing business too, There is no upper limit to how much money someone earns in this business, in case of the right company and products of daily necessary usage.

Facts about pyramid schemes and legal Network Marketing

MLM is subject to a lot of misconception and opinions without background knowledge. For anyone interested, here are the facts about pyramid schemes and legit MLM business. After reading it one can decide whether MLM is really something bad or not.