Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

Why I love Online Network Marketing so much

My thoughts about working in Online Network Marketing

Is Online Network Marketing serious, hard work?

What I want you to understand is that Online Network Marketing is a serious business. You probably know that my little video does not show me while I am working. I just wanted you to get a little of the feeling, the atmosphere that your own room and your home environment can create. Sometimes I work while listening to Hip Hop, sometimes to some kind of metal or goa trance. Sometimes I prefer silence. ”Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick”… 🙂 (Nice & Smooth – Sometimes I Rhyme Slow)

If you get my message from my short video, it is cool, but if you need some explanation, it’s all good, here it is:

Shouldn’t I be dressed up as a ’businessman’?

I am doing the best I can to avoid getting in the category of the so called ’businessman’. There are rules about the way a businessman should dress and behave – in certain situations.

If there is a category or a stereotype for ’businessman’, then I am the stereotype of ’online ’networker’. I know ’online businessman’ would have sounded a bit better, but I am trying to avoud that word. The ’B-word’ for me sounds too serious. I got a whole lotta Bart Simpson in me, so the ’B-word’ does not suit me – unless ”B” is for ”Bart(man)”.

Selfie with Bart Simpson
Me and Bart, rascals for life 🙂


What is the correct attitude for an Online Networker?

If you ask my man Google, he will tell you a lot about business ethics. I am telling you my poin of view.

Even though I compare myself to Bart Simpson sometimes (he’s been here in front of me on my desk for decades on his skateboard), I surely do not make prank calls or don’t send prank messages. There is time for fooling around and there is time for being serious (but cheerful).

Bart Simpson plastic figure on his skateboard
One of the cooles dude ever: Bart Simpson on his skateboard


How should I behave then, when I start Online Networking?

The world is an exciting place because we all are different. In my opinion if you start Online Multi-level Marketing business, you do not have to take a 180-degree turn from one day to another and suddenly start acting ’weird’ –at least this would be what your friends would tell you. There are things of course that need to be learned and applied, even formal stuff, but the other reason why my love for DXN coffee MLM business so big is, that I do not have to change the way I am.


”I’m nice like that”

(GangStarr – Full Clip)

If someone is a nice person in ’real’ life, he will bring this attitude into his business. If not, well, being a jerk does not work (or pay) either in the online or the ’offline world’. The best thing to do with jerks is to avoid them. Unfortunately every now and then some unpleasant people appear in MLM biz too. It is just like in any other job. You have those cool-face colleagues, and sometimes there is one or two that is really hard to get along with or just be in the same room for a longer while. Having some uncool people in a certain workplace does not mean that the workplace/ shop/factory/school is a bad one. Guess what? This is true to Network Marketing as well.

Hands up for Naughty by Nature
Throw ya’ handz in the air like U just don’t care! 🙂

My advice for those who consider working as an Online Networker

You don’t need to change your personality. In your own way be nice, be cool, be correct, keep your word, be at service, and do not be a jerk (or troll). Spamming and pitching people is bad. Kinda simple, right? 😉

Jerks will not attract nice people and they will not build a huge network of satisfied customers and a team of motivated networkers who want to earn money.

I am just like anybody else who is at home. I always wear some confy clothes. Sometimes just boxers. Never a suit and a tie. Hell no! I am at home, noone tells me what to wear, when and how to work.

But I do work. I am conveying a serious message with my not-too-serious home video. The message is that working from home is cool. Using the internet to build my business rules. I got the tools, my pal Google helps me to learn new things every day. My little green owl friend, Duo teaches me languages totally free of charge at his language school called Duolingo.


Coffee is our common language

You do not speak languages? It’s okay. Coffee is our common language. We do not talk about politics, religion, genders or nationalities. We do not check if you have a university degree. We all speak the language of coffee. With Ganoderma. From DXN. With Love.

Why do you like Online MLM business?

Does rap music and business mix?

Rap music, especially Naughty by Nature had a great influence on me when I was a teenager. The love for Hip Hop of the Golden Era remained, and I can listen to my type of music while I am working online with DXN, editing my blogs and all that.


”U down with O.P.P.?”

(Naughty by Nature: O.P.P.)

”Yeah, u know me”. I phrase the meaning of O.P.P.  like: Online Product Promotion. It means something else in the above mentiond rap song. I also advertise offline on my clothes, car. bike, name card, smart phone cover – wherever I can put my website address. But basically that’s it. If someone asks about my website, I answer of course, but I totally vote for online advertising of products. I am not going into more details about my methods, I have wrote about how I work online.

If nothing else catches your attention from what I have written, just this sentence, it kinda tells everything: it is possible to earn passive income from the comfort of my room. Need more details? Read on! 🙂

DXN coffee distributor fooling around in wooden statue-shape
Too cool to fit in any stereotype 🙂

Do clothes really make the man?

As you can see, I am not the usual next-door type of MLM-er. My best friend is my computer (LOL), and I am an online-type of guy when it comes to Network Marketing. Building my business on the internet also means that I can wear whatever I want. This is important to me. This is one of the reasons I love Online Network Marketing so much.

I can work the way I want at home on the internet selling DXN mushroom coffee online. I can wear short and a vest, or just underwear, as I can ’hide behind’ my computer.

DXN online coffee business is for those whose first priority is not to look like someone who has just come out of a fashion show. I made an exception, though, for the sake of one photo that has been on my websites for years. When I started DXN, I wanted to look ’professional’, but every time I looked at that picture, I felt I was lying. In real life, people who meet me often know, that I am not that gigolo-type (ha-ha). Especially those in my neighbourhood who see my walking my dogs 3 times 365 days a year.

Shouldn’t I dress nice then?

If you ask me about whether to dress in nice clothes, my answer is to be clean, and how you define ’nice’, well, I leave that up to you. If you feel comfy in formal, pretty clothes, wear them. It is good if you like them. If you do not like suits and dresses, it will reflect from your movement, your aura. You will look unnatural. So I advise to wear clean clothes that have some style, but my point is to feel good and natural when you wear them. If you sit down with someone to talk about DXN products and/or business, you might have some stage-fever, and you definitely not want to add an extra ’spoonful’ of stress and reason to sweat because you feel awkward in the clothes you wear.

The same goes the other way round, but I think it is a much more rare case: if you are an elegant type, do not force yourself to wear skater-garment.

How to dress when you attend a DXN presentation

Going to hand-clapping-events is not obligatory for success

First of all I have to state that – although many people say the opposite – you can be successful without attending big organized events. We have these recorded and they can be watched anytime it is good for you online – or downloaded.

Wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in. In DXN online MLM it does not matter.
I am very rare to be seen in formal clothes. I do not feel comfortable in a suit. I am simply not that type as you see 🙂

DXN dress code at events

As I see from the videos, the people and the speakers who attend events wear elegants clothes. Not necessarily a suit with a tie, but a nice shirt, nice trousers and leather-type shoes.

When I will be able to visit a DXN event, I will also try my best not to stand out of line that much, but my main reason for not attending DXN offline events is not because I am an online-guy who prefers informal attire. My first reason for not going to presentations is because I can not travel from my dogs. You must be sick and tired of hearing this all the time, so I will not go into details. You can read about it here: dogs and DXN.

Feel good when you work in MLM, don’t force anything on yourself

As you see I am not a formal-type of guy. I can rarely be seen wearing a tie and a suit. I still work as an English teacher as a main job to put food on the table – an in the bowl of my dogs. There are 2 or 3 occasions during the school year when I have to wear ’nice’ clothes. Luckily our headmistress does not put too much emphasis on looks, aside from the above mentioned few events.

I would not work in a job where I was forced into a suit. Formal clothes are simply uncomfortable for me, no matter how well-tailored they are. More care should be taken when I wear these, because if they get crumpled, they look aweful. If my T-shirt or vest gets a few creases, who cares, right?


I am a casual type too, when I work as a teacher

You must remember some of your teachers who are elegant. Well, I am not that type of English teacher. When the temperature is above 20 degrees centigrade, I cannot stand long trousers, for example. I also find formal shoes uncomfortable, so I wear running shoes and basketball shoes.

English teachers choose DXN Ganoderma coffee business
Repeat after me 🙂