Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

Why don’t people want to earn money with Network Marketing?

Is it worth it to get by with a really worse life

instead of a much better one for which you have to work?


This blog post was born from the description of Part 59 of my Hungarian language YouTube video series: Thoughts on DXN MLM business. I was so talkative that even YouTube got fed up with my chatter, and the allowed 5,000 characters proved to be little to brush up on my bloodcurdling – but coffee-boiling – journey into the dark realms of MLM business.

Since I’ve written a description of my YouTube video in advance – I always do this before I upload a video and I never really pay attention to the allowed number of characters (I often only use a fraction of that) – I thought I wouldn’t lose my valuable train of thought halfway through, and in the form of a blog, I serve it to the few people who don’t hate Multi-level Marketing business so much that they willingly read about it.


Mountainbiking and Multi-level Marketing

I’ve made a mountain bike video again, thankfully, because there is still nice weather and I have more free time after my current job. But everything has a price. I probably swallow ten times as many stress in half the time in worse cases than others in “normal” working hours.

I’m not having a complaint day right now either, but I have a reason to do this thing called networking, hated by everyone, which is also called Multi-level Marketing.

“It’s sure that he makes unwanted phone calls and writes to everyone on Messenger to buy his coffee and he surely peddles with it.” , as many people might think, after having met some MLM jerks working with neanderthal methods, leaving a fragment of inconvenient experience about Network Marketing in their memory.

My Hungarian video, in case you spoke my rare language 🙂


Direct Selling test of DXN Ganoderma MLM company
Is DXN a legitimate company?


Peddling-free online business building

No, I’m not peddling. I have 3 websites (1 Hungarian and 2 English) on which I blog, a YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, Tik tok, and I’m even up on a bunch of other social sites where I’ll share this video, for example. Anyone who finds me on the world wide web, writes to me, or automatically registers to my DXN regular customer network to get a lot of discounts on products, and… and there’s a person once in a lightyear who’s interested in the business opportunity too. One in about 100 DXN product consumers.

Why don’t many people get into DXN MLM?

But why is it when it’s a fact that DXN Holdings Berhad is the largest company to grow and market Ganoderma medicinal mushrooms with such delicious and healthy alkalizing medicinal mushroom coffee specialties that I lick all 20 fingers after it?


Laziness equals half healthiness

(This saying is the phrase we, Hungarians use for ‘no pain, no gain’.)

There are many who have already reached the very important step of using DXN products because they want to be healthy. In a nutshell, I could say that consuming DXN products can be only half the health in many cases, if you have a lifestyle, daily routine, workplace that you don’t like at all or you even hate it, but you don’t want to switch.

Work and chill: moments from my life as a 'Backstage Boy' at Sziget Festival.
Hard work vs. relaxation: moments from my life as a ‘Backstage Boy’ at Sziget Festival.


Should I work or should I rest (after work)?

This damn laziness. The laziness that an employee relationship gives birth to is that a normal, good “worker” after a day’s work – be it construction, shop salesman, policeman, firefighter, teacher, car mechanic, to name just a few – is so tired after the obligatory things that he is disgusted even by the thought of work. After suffering from others’ nonsense with a forced smile all day long out of compulsion, his feet are tired from walkging in the warehouse, or on the roof during tiling, or as a bricklayer during concreting, he just wants to rest, eat, drink, and probably only watch sports on TV because work drained away all his energy.

Wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in. In DXN online MLM it does not matter.
I am very rare to be seen in formal clothes. I do not feel comfortable in a suit. I am simply not that type as you see 🙂

Plus there are the kids, the wife, dogs to deal with. So it’s not easy. Plus, he thinks the Network Marketing business model is absolutely stupid, as he has heard so much bad about it


What is the price of passive income?

Passive income exists at DXN since 1993
The company and the products have proven their worthiness

However, there are people whose job also sucks. They are tired, have a family and kids, but they would still have some strength left.

They see perspective in MLM business, they did some research on it and study it.

They believe that money can be made with it, and even early retirement is possible, after replacing his full-time job with his Network Marketing business.

They also know the price of this early retirement, which is due to passive income.

Financial independence – which means freedom in time and money – is like a super-pension. It can only be achieved through long-term work that brings in very little results and money in the beginning, even for years. And this is where enthusiasm falls.

He believes that a distant, (more) insecure, but many times better lifestyle, and a higher standard of living can be achieved with MLM, because he learned about it and sees that many have already done so, but instead of working for financial independence he remains in his well-established job as an employee, because at least he has a monthly salary.

He also does not want to work more, but rather enjoys his free time after work, even if he is so lucky that he has some.


Building a network in your spare time after work

The less free time someone has, the less willing they are to snatch even that little free time in order to build their own business with a reliable MLM company that will make them happy in the long run.

People, including me as well, don’t like to take on a lot of mandatory, unpleasant things. Unfortunately MLM business can be like this in the beginning, no matter how long it lasts, until one experiences some small results.

Multi-level Marketing is a business model that promises prosperity in the long run – so not immediately.

How people think about DXN Ganoderma coffee business
Being considered crazy is oh-so-right for me 😉

By the time the business “bursts in”, we can experience a lot of disappointment and rejection. At best just pitiful, unspoken, but noticeable disbelief. Envy that we dared to start something new.

It takes a certain kind of stomach and nerves, but I think that if someone really wants to live freely and, say, want to do their favorite sports for several hours a day, not just watch it on TV from their armchair being dead tired, then the same way, as in the case of, say, a diet, he will have to be willing to put in the work and make sacrifices.


A stable business cannot be built in a few weeks

If we are already on the verge of losing weight: you can lose weight permanently and healthily only with a good exercise plan and diet and only in the long run, otherwise our body will suffer and we will not lose pounds. In the same way, with a poorly chosen company, working the wrong way, someone may see money in Network Marketing sooner but will not achieve financial independence in the long run.


Why do I keep mentioning financial independence?

Time freedom and money freedom, created by passive income is the biggest advantage of Multi-level Marketing business. That’s also why I sell DXN “wondermushroom” coffee online: because I want to be a free man. And in MLM business someone can only be a free man if he is a “slave” first: he builds his own network beside a job, sacrificing part of his free time.

Speaking of free time, I can also be seen skateboarding:

Many are lazy to do this. I can understand them, and I also can’t. I can understand, because now, as I write these lines, I’m already looking for an excuse to delay starting to edit the video you’ve already watched above the writing – it will take some time because I wasn’t well-prepared enough for the filming, plus there are the mountainbike parts too in it. I also have to upload it to YouTube and Facebook, have to edit a channel image, etc.

Maybe I’ll only do it tomorrow. But I’ll do it. Both the video and my DXN online business. Because I know that life is worse for someone than for me, but I don’t want to comfort myself day in and day out like:

It’s good here because it’s not any better anywhere else.” or,

I’m not making enough money, but at least I have more free time.” or,

If my nerves can cope with the stress, it’s good.

I want to make as few as possible, mostly zero, compromises on anything in my life. I don’t want to do things I don’t like. For example, working in my spare time. Because I’m lazy too. But I am not so lazy that my whole life, my brighter future, will be the victim of this laziness.

Just to have a completely off-topic video on this blog too! ?