Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

My story in DXN wonder-mushroom coffee business, part 2

Dogs, moving house, bikes, coffee business

From apartment to house with garden, from rushing to balanced life


I will talk and write a lot now. Here at the beginning of my blog I also write a little about the business and why it is good for me. I will also write below about how I live now. Feel free to scroll there, that’s the part of the blog that it was really meant to be written for, but here at the beginning, as I started writing about the business as well (not business presentation-wise), I feel like it’s complete this way.

Three cute armchair dogs :)
,,We sure know how to live” 🙂

Luckily, our well-being has improved a lot, for me and my dogs, since the original part of “My Story” came to light. The original version, but I could also say, that the first part of ”my story” dates back to my ’apartment-dog’ years, from a period when I dropped into the magical world of online networking with DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom coffee through a very kind former teacher colleague of mine. The wonderful world of DXN, which although is  filled with challenges, disappointments, restarts and lots and lots of learning, yet I enjoy every moment of it because it helps me grow in a lot of things. I learn a lot through it, I meet nice, valuable people and last but not least it is the only possible means for me to achieve money and time freedom.

My motivation years ago as an ‘apartment dog-dad’:


MLM business that everyone hates

Yes, Multi-level Marketing, whose abbreviated name would have to be bleeped out almost if I were talking right now, because everyone hates it so much that it is considered almost equal to other ugly short sware words. Yes, MLM, written with capital letters. It helps me achieve the goal of my LIFE, more precisely a state of life.

Truth about MLM passive incomeIs MLM passive income just a fairytale?

MLM as a tool for both good and evil

MLM, also known as Network Marketing. Networking, is just a tool that, like a knife, for example, can be used to make very valuable, beautiful things (beautiful carved ornaments, delicious food), but when misused, it can also cause huge damage and mental injuries.

What do I mean by that?

I think everyone has met pushy, unscratchable, unpleasant people who wanted to sell him something at all costs, all within the framework of Multi-level Marketing business that everyone hates, or as a fake pilot game disguised in the cape of legit MLM business, where there’s no real, valuable product. If someone has been scammed or has simply lost money with his rookie attempts in MLM business, perhaps because the support, marketing plan was not right, or if he or she did it the wrong way du to lack of or unprofessional support, well, such person can spread stories of how scammed he had been by networking. His acquaintances love him and feel sorry for him, they believe him because he is authentic to them. This is especially true when the MLM-failure was no fault of his own and he had really been tricked into something with a fake offer that resembled MLM, and the acquintances pass his story on to others.

So there is no need to have someone who is personally ’MLM damaged’, it’s enough to know someone who has lost money, or to know someone who knows someone who has lost money.


Against the tide: being a networker among “average people”

Well, I deal with such a notorious business model with the products of the Malaysian company DXN Holdings Berhad (in short DXN). The name of my website is there on my t-shirts, on my car, on Facebook in front of my name (Kávékirály Gergely Takács), because I dare to stand out in front of the whole wide world proudly with this business on an international level.

I dare to do this because for me, DXN products, the attitude of my sponsors and DXN company management, as well as its unparalleled marketing plan free of all compulsions and expectations (based on which I get my commission) have proven.

I’m not worried about someone not ordering mushroom coffee from me or not interested in the business. Not everyone has to drink DXN coffee, and there is life outside of the MLM business too, and of course people can be happy without it as well.


I’m not worried because I know I just have to put the activity into the DXN business and the results are going to keep coming. It is a very nice surprise when suddenly a new customer from the other side of the world whom I haven’t even seen in a picture before has joined me and is consuming DXN products. I’ve certainly put a lot of work into my websites, my videos for such surprising “coincidences,” and I still do that to this day, sometimes more actively, sometimes a little more lazily, because at the end of the day I’m just the same person as anyone else.


This coffee business works for everyone

I am the same person as anyone else. I’m not “that type” either, you know, who loves selling and can actually sell. These words are of key importance. DXN MLM business has the potential to change the way people have been thinking about Network Marketing so far. Why? Because this business really works for anyone who puts the right quality of work into it. You don’t have to and can’t be professional right away, the point is in the action taken.

My lines written above may seem pretty unbelievable, but I can also explain why DXN Ganoderma coffee business works for everyone who does it:

DXN products work without business

DXN products work regardless of the business opportunity. Who consumes them will feel the positive changes in his well-being and health.

Drinking DXN Ganoderma coffee among tulips in the Garden of the CoffeeKing
Who loves flowers, loves mushroom coffee too 🙂

DXN’s marketing plan allows a person to stop doing business for years, but when he starts again, he can continue from the same level where he stopped because he never falls back from a level of business he has already achieved.

This is also accompanied by the fact that there is no qualification constraint and no ’resetting’ every month.

DXN marketing plan pays me for the turnover of my network to the last depth. You know, after those networkers or product users who, to put it a little ugly way, are “below me” in the network.

So in DXN I get the bonus for the turnover of my people in my network, whether he’s directly below me or in the 225th depth.

There are no “detaching branches” either: a team of people who have reached a higher level than me and then they disappear from “under me” as if they weren’t there at all, and I don’t get a dime after there turnover anymore, no matter how much work I had put into them.


How’s my life going right now?

We managed to move to a house with garden with my puppies, and it was a lifestyle change that I feel like I’ve never had such a good thing going on – especially compared to the constraints of apartment dog-life. I got to a level of satisfaction for a while that although I still strive for better, but I do not complain  for anything (at least permanently) and I am grateful for everything, including the desk on which I am now typing these lines.

Happy and free: three dogs,. one man in a house with garden :)
Happy and free dogs and man 🙂

No, I did not go through any brainwashing, I didn’t join any sects (I don’t even know if there are any), and I don’t use mind-altering drugs either. Ganoderm coffee is the only ’enjoyment item’ I consume.


Lost in the Garden of Eden ?

Yes, I used to listen to a lot of Guns ’n’ Roses, as you might have guessed fromt the above. One of the reasons for my “Zen” state of consciousness is that I don’t have to walk my dogs three times at the same time every day, in any weather, to do their business – not MLM, you know, the number one and two stuff. So our lives are much more rush-free, so to speak. Well, honestly, it is absolutely rush free.

It was a very common thing to get soaking wet even 3 times a day due to having to walk my dogs at certain times:


New local job without commuting

In addition to my puppies becoming happy garden dogs, which is why I’m happy too, the other reason I feel great is that I got a job at a local school a little earlier than I moved. I already felt the advantage of working near my home while I was still living in an apartment.

My previous job also had the benefits, but my current school does as well. I don’t want to lie because the person who works as an employee is a person who complains (especially the teachers, according to some people) and I do as well, but it’s such a temporary thing. I vent my anger quickly, and then I think about how good my current job is because of this and that, and how much I wouldn’t do the work of others because I think it’s harder than mine. This way I feel better right away.

Not that I would  fundamentally feel bad, of course, because I take Spirulina and Ganoderma every day and they also have antidepressant effects… I couldn’t skip this, the pushy salesman came out of me! ?

DXN's home-grown Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushroom
DXN’s home-grown Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushroom

As a little detour, related to my previous joke, but I feel it’s important:

the antidepressant effect of a medicinal fungi only works anyway if one tries to fix his problems on his own if there’s something wrong.

He reads about the issue, watches videos, talks to others, friends, parents who help, even “just” by listening patiently, every day.

Why do I go into this?


Because everyone has been in love before…

Everyone already felt completely shattered. I’ve had a few disappointments over the last year as well, and very surprisingly compared to myself, but I’ve been pretty much  down on the floor. Nothing special, I did my thing every day and managed to figure out the things and I learned a lot. After re-evaluating what had happened in their own reality, standing with two feet on the ground, not among the nice soft, curled edge of the pink clouds in the sky. I don’t even understand what got into me then. Of course I already know why I felt it) that I had even woven my private life into the descriptions of one of my YouTube Megadose video series.


What is the next step?


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♬ [Chill] Lo-Fi HipHop(856799) – Yu Yaguchi

No matter how much fun we have here in this garden house with my little “dog kids,” we are going to move away from here. We’re going to move to the neighborhood I originally wanted, but back then I couldn’t manage to. Things are going on, and as soon as we move in, ’My Story part 3 ’will surely come.


Life without compromise

When I mentioned that I couldn’t move where I originally wanted to, it was because I didn’t “feel like it” (you know, that’s when I do the rubbing gesture with my fingers, which indicates money). So far, my financial situation has also improved a lot, I can save money better, and I also attribute this to the fact that I am much more balanced than in an apartment. Okay, I get mad sometimes when sweat drips into my eyes in the shade at 35 degrees and my skateboard smacks my ankle, but like I said, everything is all right.


One tries to improve one’s well-being

Everyone wants a slightly better quality of life. Increasing the comfort of an average person can be, for example, a new shoe, a more modern kitchen furniture, or perhaps a new car. For me, it is moving to another family house in an area I desire.

My goals with DXN coffee business with my dogs
Dubai or Hollywood? No, I will move within my home town, Miskolc 🙂

There are obviously financial constraints on where and what kind of house to buy. Below a certain level of wealth – although we could still discuss the level of this with different people with different needs – one has to make compromises.

I don’t want to do that. I want to live freely so that there is no financial limit to where I buy a house and a few other things. I am not talking about luxury sports cars and unnecessarily expensive prestige branded clothes. I look down on these, I find them worthless.

In addition to satisfying my own selfish little things and material desires (new, professional mountain bike), I want to seriously support my family, people in actual need, and all sorts of dog shelters, animal welfare organizations such as the Cerberos Pitbull Rescue Foundation in Hungary.


Tit for tat

Acidic and alkaline food: DXN products and traditional Hungarian cake: beige stuffed with nuts.
Don’t lend me a beigli! 🙂

I am twisting this proverb in a completely good sense. I used to pick up hitchhikers because I used to be picked up a lot of times. I also want to help my parents because they have done it and do it to this day.

I think it is right for a man to try to return the good that he has received, and not necessarily exactly to whom he received it from, but to the next man and animal in need.

I don’t want stray too far away from the topic, but mutual benevolence and help form an upward spiral, a benevolent avalanche of luck, a boomerang that comes back and brings good.


Time freedom without being an employee

I still aim to achieve passive income with DXN MLM, which means I live like a wealthy German retiree, just even a hundred times, a thousand times better.

Because what does a retiree who lives well do?

After many years of hard work, he gets money for not having to work any in his retirement years because he had done it before. Similarity between pension and the passive income of DXN is over. Needless to say, the latter is better, without any exaggeration.

Lots of sports and recreation

I’m mountainbiking again in addition to skateboarding, and it’s very tiring, but also in an enjoyable way. I also try to create the most ideal conditions for dog walking and sports mania, because I still have plans. To achieve these, one step is to move to a more ideal location and the other is to overcome material and time constraints. I am going to make this happen with DXN online healthy coffee business. And we live happily ever after… and better and better! ?


(To be continued.)