Say ‘Hello’ to Freedom!

Why do I love DXN MLM?


Because DXN doesn’t demand anything, it simply provides opportunities.


I can be myself and build my Network Marketing business the way I like, from inside my comfort zone.

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  • Why don’t people want to earn money with Network Marketing?

    Is it worth it to get by with a really worse life instead of a much better one for which you have to work? Introduction This blog post was born…

  • My story in DXN wonder-mushroom coffee business, part 2

    Further down the road to passive income with DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom coffee business. How did my life change in the past years in DXN MLM? What are my secret plans in life with my dogs, mountainbiking, BMX and skateboarding? Moving house, time and money freedom, active recreation, balance and happiness.